Nurses Influential Leadership Lab Course Description:

This leadership course teaches nurses to be influential leaders by learning how social justice, cultural humility, diversity and inclusion shape the health and wellness of our patients.  By using pedagogies such as popular education, trauma-informed care and coaching this course will bring to the forefront the critical exposure needed for nurses at any level of practice to become civically engaged in building health equity for all populations.  It will prepare nurses at all levels of training to be leaders, on the job and in the community by helping them to  problem-solve through challenging issues and difficult conversations as it relates to closing the equity gap and becoming inclusive leaders.  This course calls for a change in practice and approach from nurses in any organization so that they will be capable of developing practical competencies in social justice leadership promoting health equity for all. 

At completion of this course, nurses will be able to:

  • Better communicate on health indicators such as race, class, gender and sexual disparities in patient populations.
  • Create a culture of health and wellness in their workspaces
  • Cultivate leadership skills in working with others from a multicultural wellness approach by learning to become aware of unconscious biases and their impact on patient outcomes
  • Develop confidence in addressing issues relating to health policy learning how to work from "where they are" and advocate for  patients through active awareness building 

Nurses Influential Leadership Lab

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